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New Engineered Hardwood Floor Dark Grey MC016

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The three-layer Engineered Flooring is a popular alternative to solid wood flooring thanks to it’s superior stability and suitability to various environments. This method of construction and installation makes the floor stronger and more durable.Together, this creates a floor that is extremely stable and able to keep its shape in sudden or extreme temperature changes, making it perfect for rooms with varying conditions.


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New Engineered Hardwood Floor Dark Grey MC016
Code MC016  
Surface Melamine Paper
Texture Dark Grey ,Lives Sawn
Abrasion AC1-AC5
Construction Plywood core
Length 1220mm
Width 197mm/166mm
Thickness 8mm/12mm/15mm
Juncture Unilin/Valinge
Installation Floated/Over
Underlay Optional
SGS Certificated Yes


※3-Ply Engineered Hardwood Flooring is more suitable for basements, conservatories or rooms that may be humid or damp.

※ 3-Ply Engineered Hardwood Flooring is suitable for under floor heating.

※ 3-Ply Engineered Hardwood Flooring comes in a large variety of textures, looks and finishes to suit more tastes and needs.

※ Installation of 3 ply engineered wood flooring is easier and cheaper than solid wood floor.

※ 3-Ply Engineered Flooring is real wood and it looks just as good as solid wood flooring.

※ 3-Ply engineered hardwood floor will also last a lifetime.


Concrete floor, Stone floor, Laminate floor, Solid timber floors, vinyl floors, tile floors.



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