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New Tech 100% Waterproof Aqua Laminate Flooring 8MM Waxed Side

Short Description:

This waterproof pre-finished floor comes with high density material  that provide full-coverage waterproofing from surface to subfloor.It can definitely keep the plank away from water and  moisture by low TSR(Thickness Swelling Rate) .It’s the perfect floor — waterproof, durable and stress-free.

  • 72h TSR(Thickness Swelling Rate): 3.5%
  • Intertek: Yes
  • FSC: Yes
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    What you can expect Aqua laminate floor apart from other floors?

    Most waterproof  laminate floor is to cut off water and floor through waterproof surface material to have short-term waterproof effect, and cannot be immersed in water and water vapor for a long time. Our Aqua laminate floor can be soaked in water for a long time without deformation, and will not be significantly deformed after the longest 500 hours of experiment. Its appearance is intact, and it will not affect the subsequent use at all.AQUA FLOOR(1)

    Aqua floor-weight and volume

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