Why wall panels is better than floor-attach-to-wall?

Many people think it is ok attach laminate floor to wall, why do I need to buy normative wall panels?

Although attaching floor to wall is the most popular and commonly used way at present, the limitation is also very obvious.

First of all, the floor is cut into small pieces of specifications, thus the color and texture of each floor are not exactly the same, and there may even be a big joint. When we start to  splice floors to wall,there will be inevitably visual flaw, for instance,jumping color,discordant

Texture , unnatural wave transition, obvious patchwork seam and so on.In a nutshell ,it won’t achieve much comfortable views.

Besides, an essential difference between wall panels and floors in the main performance, which is the most important reason why we do not recommend you to use floors on the wall.

The core properties of floor to be considered are wear resistance and durability, and reduction deformation due to temperature and humidity.

Hence the performance of the floor and specification design are spread out around these two key element, for examples, cutting piece for certain small piece will stabilize physical performance, strengthen wear-resisting to lengthen service life.

Wall panels are mainly used in wall renovation.In many cases wall panels fixed to keels are combined to achieve space partition.Therefore, in practical application, the nail holding force and installation efficiency of wall panels are key factors to be considered.

Wall panel nail grip force is strong, not only convenient for construction personnel to use steam nail fixed installation, residents can also enjoy hang redecoration on it.

Installation efficiency is a little more understandable.Affected by gravity, when small floor is used as wallboard installation,people have to secure each plank, while the splicing is time-consuming and laborious,which increases the cost of adhesive, and reduces efficiency.

According to our engineering statistics, an experienced worker can lay 800 flat floors every day, but only complete the wall work on the floor of 300 square meters every day at most, it means the comprehensive cost efficiency is greatly reduced.

Post time: Jan-30-2022